Are you licensed, bonded & insured?

Yes, our garage door technicians are licensed, bonded, & insured.

Can you help me with a broken or malfunctioning garage door after hours?

Yes, our garage door services are available in the Forest Park and Riverdale, GA area after hours.

What should I do if my garage door won't open?

If your garage door won't open, it may be a simple fix that you can do yourself. Here are some common problems that could be causing your garage door malfunction:

- Your garage door track may be jammed - Check to see if there are any objects stuck in the garage door track.
- Your garage door could be locked - Some garage doors have a lock feature that allows you to lock it from the outside. Check the lock handle to see if your garage door has been locked.
- Your garage door springs could be broken - If this is the case, call a professional to repair or replace your garage door springs.
- Your garage door could be off the track - This is also a situation in which you should call for professional help.

Do you sell and install new garage doors?

Yes, we offer new garage doors and garage door installation service in the Forest Park and Riverdale, GA area.

How often should my overhead garage door be serviced?

Our experienced garage door technicians recommend that you receive garage door maintenance at least twice a year.

How do I select the right garage door?

Give us a call to discuss what garage door is best for you! Our garage door technicians will assist you through this process.

What safety features are important for my garage door?

To ensure the safety of your garage door, it's important that a sturdy, properly-installed track is in place. A properly balanced door is also very important and necessary for safe operation. Call us today to learn more about how our garage door services ensure safe installation!